2024 Cheerleader Code of Conduct & Rules


Attendance: Cheerleaders are required to be at all practices, games, and competitions. Absences/tardies have an impact on a team as a whole and not just the one individual missing. We will not save spots for girls with attendance issues! YOUR ATTENDANCE WILL IMPACT PLACEMENTS AND POSSIBLE REMOVAL OF TEAMS.


1) Any activity that will interfere with cheerleading (camps, vacation, or other sports) will not be condoned.


2) Attendance: Starting July 15, 2024 attendance will be taken at each practice and game. NO PRACTICES CAN BE MISSED TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO A COMPETITION OR CHEERLEADER MAY BE PULLED FROM COMPETITION. Cheerleaders are allowed (3) excused absences from practice excluding the two week periods prior to competitions. Excused absences (family/school) with 1 week prior notification via email to CVAAATTENDANCE@GMAIL.COM and to the Parent Advisors ON THE SAME EMAIL may be acceptable but again if these types of absences are in excess the result will be dismissal.


We understand that things come up last minute. Notification in writing via email needs to be made to Head Parent Advisor and CVAAATTENDANCE@GMAIL.COM 2 hours prior to practice/game.  Excessive unexcused absences (3) and tardiness (3 greater than 10 minutes) may result in cheerleader being dismissed from CVAA squad/comp team. Any issues not outlined will need to be approved by the President. Head Parent Advisor contact info will be on the website. If your cheerleader is absent without prior notification to Head Parent Advisor AND CVAAATTENDANCE@GMAIL.COM she will be marked as an unexcused absence on the attendance log.


3) Practice: Practice is held 5 days a week Mon-Fri from 6:00pm-8:00pm for PW, JV & V and 6:00pm-7:20pm for JPW thru August 10th. Starting on the week of August 12st, practice will go to three days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.  JPW will practice 3 days a week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:00-7:20pm. Cheerleaders should arrive 5 min before start of practice time and should be picked up immediately after the end of practice. Cheerleaders must wait in the practice area for safety reasons. If you are going to be late please notify HEAD PARENT ADVISOR and CVAAATTENDANCE@GMAIL.COM via email. Not having a ride to practice/games/competitions is not a valid excuse as an absence. EBYFC rules state coaches are not allowed to transport team members.


A) Demerit system for tardiness/absence:

  1. Late for game-arrival after check in – you will start cheering as soon as the other team checks cheerleader in.
  2. Late to practice/game – 3 times greater than 10 minutes may be dismissed from squad/comp team.
  3. Miss 2 games (unexcused/excused) may be removed from CVAA squad/comp team.


Cheerleaders are required to be in full practice gear with plenty of water and ready for practice (Please eat and use the restroom prior to arriving to practice). Please bring sweats for colder weather. 


  • No jewelry unless it is a medical alert
  • No piercings – taping down jewelry/piercing is not permitted
  • Need to be in ankle support shoes - no keds, vans or converse
  • No buttons/zippers on practice gear
  • No sweatshirts with hoods! No thin strap tank tops, no half shirts, no jeans, no booty shorts (short shorts, No Nike Pro type shorts, No lululemon shorts or any other clothing with zippers) Spankies should be worn under loose fitting shorts.
  • Cell phones are not to be used during practice time
  • Hair must be in a ponytail with bangs off face for ALL PRACTICES/GAMES
  • No hair clips, beads (no metal or plastic) can be worn – only rubber bands and ribbons allowed
  • No nail polish or fake nails (natural nails must not present a safety hazard)
  • No gum
  • No body glitter, tattoos or body stickers
  • No hair color (unless it is a natural hair color) If you have it, it must be out by before the 1st game!
  • When at a Jr Eagle game, cheerleaders are to be in FULL UNIFORM or TEAM WARM UPS.
  • Please save camp wear for JAMBOREE and any other time stated by Cheer Coordinator/Head Parent Advisor. This is not to be worn for practice!



  1. The first offense, the rule will be brought to the attention of the cheerleader and Cheer Coordinator notified in writing.
  2. Second offense, cheerleader and parent will be notified and Cheer Coordinator notified in writing.
  3. Third offense, a meeting will be scheduled with parents, cheerleader, Parent Advisors and Cheer Coordinators to discuss possible removal from squad and/or a resolution to ensure that problem doesn’t continue.
  4. Games: cheerleader is to arrive 1 hour prior to home/away games. Please be advised playoff games could continue through November 16 and may be played on Sundays. Game schedule can be found on our website as soon as it is final and may be subject to change due to EBYFC standings.
  5. Uniforms: ARE TO BE WORN TO GAMES/COMPETITIONS ONLY. NO undergarments are to be visible while in your uniform; no bra straps, or sports bras are to be visible in your uniform. Do not wear to school or as a Halloween costume. Uniforms are not to be altered in any way. Uniforms need to be clean for EVERY GAME/COMPETITION; please wash and hang dry no iron. STAINS, ALTERING and or EXCESSIVE wear will result in uniform security deposit being cashed.


Please sign and return at Cheer Fittings. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email your questions to executiveboardcvaa@gmail.com.  Thank you in advance for your commitment to the JR EAGLE cheer program. We are here to improve the girls self-esteem and provide a positive and fulfilling experience.


8/10/2024 Jamboree

* July 20, 2024 - Berkeley East Bay Youth Camp (All Levels)

* Oct 20, 2024 - Stockton Reload (All Levels)

* Oct 27, 2024- Santa Cruz Fall Fest (All Levels)

* Nov 10, 2024 - Roseville Capitol City (Only PW, JV and Varsity)



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